Linda Leonard
About The Book

6" x 9"
255 Pages
$21.95 CDN


This book is not a travelogue, nor is it a guide book.

Living the Dream in Mexico is a personal sharing of our travels and experiences while RVing in Mexico for the winters. It tells about how we planned, how we included my elderly Mom to have the “times of her life”, and about how we came to settle in Zihuatanejo.

My book began as a Journal which I wrote to my mom in an attempt to keep us close as we travelled. Soon family and friends were included in the email “Journal group” and before we knew it, I was sending my Journals to a couple of hundred people and also posting a good part of my writing on Mexico travel and RV sites, such as RV.net. So six years worth of Journals and photos form the bones of the book.

Living the Dream in Mexico falls into many categories. It is about RVing, about travel, about Mexico and her people. It is memoirs, it is the story about a special relationship between mother and daughter, it tells of the accomplishments of an 86 year old lady despite her many physical challenges…and it is a love story.

About The Author

Linda and husband Paul live in Grand Marais, Manitoba, Canada during the summer and in Zihuatanejo, Mexico in the winter. Linda and Paul are both retired teachers from Winnipeg. They have four grown children and three grandchildren.

They spent six years RVing and travelling throughout Mexico and helped Linda’s elderly Mom to share some amazing experiences from her wheelchair. Linda has written extensively on the internet, helping many people to enjoy travelling in Mexico. Linda’s next book, Living the Dream in Europe- Our RV Travels and Experiences in Europe, is now available and can be ordered on www.livingthedreamineurope.com