NEVER GIVE UP: My Struggle To Become A Doctor, A Memoir

Noble L. Thompson Jr., M.D.




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Never Give Up is an inspirational masterpiece. Six years in the writing by a brilliant neuroradiologist, the memoir portrays the determined efforts of a young Afro-American to not only overcome poverty and an abusive and promiscuous father, but also the sophisticated racism of the institutional medical world of the sixties and seventies—a world unprepared to accept the presence of a non-white professional.

Dr. Richard P. Stevens
international political analyst-writer-professor

From out of America’s Jim Crow past to today, this is a story of an exceptional man, who was abandoned by his father and mutilated by a horrible childhood accident, and how he overcame all obstacles to become a highly respect physician.

Dr. Ja A. Jahannes
author and publisher.

The 1950s, regarded by so many as a Golden Age, was anything but fabulous for most Black Americans. Segregation, pervasive in the north as well as in the Jim Crow south, marred the lives and shackled the futures of young Blacks everywhere.
Yet, Noble’s story of “never giving up, never accepting that you can’t, and never believing that you won’t fulfill your destiny,” will make you laugh, cry, and, in the end, celebrate the promise of the American dream.

Garland L. Thompson
attorney- engineer – journalist – writer

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NEVER GIVE UP: My Struggle To Become a Doctor, is a true American story about a black boy abandoned by his father and mutilated by a childhood accident. Driven by an indomitable will, nurtured by a strong mother, and dedicated grandparents, he breaks down racial barriers to become a respected physician and sought-after medical-legal expert.

This memoir speaks encouragement to sons abandoned by their fathers and to generations of wives, mothers, grandmothers, and families who struggle to save them. In an era of epidemic father-son alienation, this book provides insight so essential in achieving reconciliation. In addition, this memoir will encourage others to embrace their diversity, to never give up, to never accept that you cannot succeed, and to never believe that you will not fulfill your destiny.

Noble L. Thompson Jr., M.D. is an award winning Board-certified physician, a nationally recognized medical-legal expert, and a published writer. Dr. Thompson enjoys equestrian foxhunting, art collecting, playing classical piano and organ, and mentoring young physicians and inner city youth.

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