Fat Hendrick



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Master story teller Fat Hendrick shares the story of Farmer Floyd's cow Jesse, who suddenly gives him wonderful...delicious...savory, butter? What has happened to Jesse's milk? Does Farmer Floyd's new mysterious tenant from Tupelo have anything to do with this?

"Buttermilk is an imaginative work that is entertaining for all children."
-Jan Miller CEO of Dupree/Miller & Associates

Fat Hendrick (also known as Hendrick Gerritse Van Wie) risked everything and sailed from Holland to New Amsterdam in 1664 aboard the ship de'Endracht. He purchased his fare with eight whole beaver and four half beaver pelts. Fat Hendrick arrived just in time to see New Amsterdam change hands as the British removed the dutch leader Stuyvesant, took control of Manhattan, and changed its name to New York. Fat Hendrick's ancestors continued to live and thrive in America, leaving their name on Van Wie's Dock and Van Wie's Point near Albany. There has been a Van Wie in every American war beginning with the American Revolution. Now Fat Hendrick lives on as his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandson wrote this book just for you.