Alex & the Immortals

Tracy Dunn

About The Book About The Author

Teleported to Asteroid Eros, Alex and his friends learn the ancient arts of bottling lightning, extra-terrestrial vision, and telepathy to save our planet. The Dark Master has sent an evil, shape-shifting amoeba to swallow the earth. Even with Greek heroes helping them, the warriors are in over their heads. While Alex may be cocky enough to lead this ragtag army into battle, his younger brother, Dillon, has been marked for death. The Dark Master plans to swap his immortal, stained soul with Dillon's pure one. In these new worlds, friendships will be tested and enemies will be made. Whether the warriors survive, whether the bonds of brotherly love will remain strong and intact rests upon Alex Turner's scrawny shoulders.

Tracy graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law and practiced for twenty years. She lives in Valley Center, Kansas, enjoys scouting, camping, chatting with friends, dancing, and singing. She is married, has two sons, is a terrible gardener, and possesses a horrible sense of rhythm. Her family, however, like her just as she is while she positively adores the three men in her life.