Jacob's First Day: Sharing Is Caring!

Ayanna Mitchell



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About The Book About The Author

Jacob’s first day is a book about a six year old boy named Jacob Robinson.

The story highlights the importance of giving and sharing. While in kindergarten Jacob did not share with the other kids, but now he’s had a change of heart. On his first day of first grade, he was excited to share with everyone. The story takes place at D.C. Smith Elementary School where on his first day of class Jacob gave an apple to his teacher Mrs. Mc Donald. Jacob then shares a cubby space with Sue Lee Mitchell, a student in his class. Later in the story Jacob shares his lunch with Noah Alexander, a student in the lunchroom. Although Jacob is only six years old, he is learning to build character. This book is ideal for introducing character building blocks that will last a lifetime. Remember Jacob’s favorite mantra… sharing is caring!

The story also features Jacob’s friends Penny Polk, Noah Alexander, and Sue Lee Mitchell, characters who appear in other stories by this author. To learn more visit JacobsFirstDay.com.

The Building Character book series will be available in digital format but is designed to be generational words of wisdom passed down through families and shared with others. Each individual book includes a signature page for readers to sign showing their commitment to building character. It’s never too early to plant a seed!

Ayanna Mitchell is a first time children’s book author. Raised in Southern, California, she currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Jacob’s First Day: Sharing Is Caring is the first release in the Building Character book series by this author. In 2013 she started her company Wow International…Words of Wisdom to use as a vehicle to encourage, highlight, and focus on the importance on life lessons and human kindness. In her spare time she volunteers with several local and non-profit organizations. Ayanna's books are inspired by words of wisdom and the need for early introduction into the idea of sharing, gratitude, appreciation, and humility. Her books are intended as a tool to open dialogue and for planting seeds during a child’s early development. Ayanna Mitchell sees her work as a contribution to humanity and as a way to live her purpose driven life.

For more information contact the author via Email: Wow.International@yahoo.com Twitter: @WowWordsWisdom