Pineapple Fun


$9.95 CDN



Once Upon A Pineapple by Pamela Guselle


About The Book


Pineapple Fun is a counting rhyme book that inspires children to join in the fun of counting to 10.

An imaginative little boy wants to plan a special party when a knock at the door reveals 10 unexpected guests that transform his party into a whole lot of pineapple fun!

The engaging rhythm and delightful illustrations ensure Pineapple Fun will encourage your child to learn to count to 10.


About The Author

Pamela Guselle is an award-winning educator and author specializing in kindergarten and pre-school education. Her classroom website has received numerous awards for creativity and innovation.

As a teacher, Pamela understands the young child's love of exploring and learning. Her deeply held mission is to write books that engage young children in a fun and educational way. Pamela lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband, 3 kids, a dog and a cat.