Karachi Backwaters - My Love affair with Boats and other Adventures


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Karachi Backwaters:My Love affair with boats and other Adventures


About The Book


A true story based in Karachi, Pakistan in the mid 1970's, this is a tale of close friendships, adventure, and one boy's lifelong obsession with boats.The author takes you on a journey that begins when he was a young lad, leading up to adult life and the quest for adventure and building boats from scratch. It is a coming of age story, an adventure story, a story of bonds that never break, of family, friends, and will give the reader a better understanding of a land and people halfway around the world.


About The Author

Wayne Croning was born in Karachi, Pakistan in the early 1960's and spent many summer days boating and frolicking by the shores of the Arabian Sea along with family and friends. His love of boats and adventure are the main reasons for writing this book. Now living in Winnipeg, Canada, he hopes his young children Marjorie and Aaron will read and understand what it was like growing up an in age without computers and video games, in a country worlds apart from their own. Still hard bitten by the boat bug, Wayne can still be spotted sailing his small dinghy on Lake Winnipeg or canoeing down the Red or Assiniboine rivers in the warm summer months.