Mommy R Your Boobies Broken


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Holding back tears, a mom searches for the words to tell her kids she has breast cancer while her 3 year old daughter, Alyssa instantly tries to think of past experiences to help her understand what is happening. Even when the subject of dying comes up, Alyssa quickly remembers the death of her brothers' lizard. Alyssa's innocence and eagerness to understand prompts her to ask, "Mommy, R your boobies broken?"


About The Author

Catherine F. Lutz, 43, a Senior Human Resource Manager living in Corpus Christi, Texas, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 39 years old. Catherine had a bi-lateral mastectomy and elected an advanced form of breast cancer reconstruction the DIEP flap- a revolutionary procedure using her own skin and fat to reconstruct her breasts. Catherine's refusal to hide behind this illness and become powerless is what motivates her to share her story. Her hope is that it will inspire others to enjoy every positive opportunity and not allow this disease to rob their daily blessings.