My Chacha is Gay



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About The Book


This children's book is set in Pakistan and deals with the issue of homophobia.

With all the religious intolerance and extremism in Pakistan its important to push back with the arts and with education. The best way to do this is to start early and teach our children tolerance and diversity from a young age.

The book also aims to show the rest of the world that *all* Pakistanis cannot be defined by the terrorism and intolerance you see in the media. We are a varied people, amongst us there are many kind, gentle and diversity loving souls. But sadly, those voices are drowned out or silenced by extremists.

Some have, predictably, found this book 'controversial'. Equality, should not be controversial...but sadly...it is. Has been...throughout history, in different contexts.

Education is key to combatting such a mindset.


About The Author

Eiynah is a Pakistani-Canadian blogger/artist who writes about sexuality in Pakistan. She dreams of a progressive Pakistan as opposed to the extremist state it is close to becoming.